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Hand scooped, one by one. That's how a cookie should be. Big, chewy, full of flavor… and definitely COLOSSAL in size!  And yes...really...this recipe has been handed down through several "cookie hungry" generations. We've been hounded by every relative (first cousins, second cousins...even thirds), friends and neighbors we didn't even know we had to give up our secret.  But this family recipe is all by memory to keep our authentic cookies a standard no one can come close to.


why only two flavors?
As we continue to work in the kitchens at Fat Patty's on new flavors, we know we do two things best.  And that my friends...are the original Chocolate Chip Pecan and Oatmeal Pecan.  So for now, I will bet my cookies on it...you've never tasted cookies like these!

chocolate chip pecan
A chocolate chip cookie that is chewy on the inside, slightly crisp on the outside...and you better open wide cause these cookies are not your normal size.  Hand scooped, chuck full of chocolaty chips and hunks of pecans.  I know...sounds to good to be true...so order some and find out for yourself!

oatmeal pecan
A chewy Oatmeal cookie that's sure to make you feel good inside.  Made with fresh ingredients, baked to order and stuffed with fresh Pecans.  And that's not all folks...we then take the sweetest icing and drizzle it all over the top.  You can't have an oatmeal cookie without the icing...can you?

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