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Fat Patty's Cookies - All Natural

all natural – baked to order

It's true. We only use the...(you thought I was going to say finest didn't you...like every other cookie company out there).  Well, yes we use fine ingredients, but that's not what I really want to say here. We keep it simple. Key ingredients, all natural — nothing processed.  That's the goodness in our cookies, simple key ingredients like eggs, flour, sugar...and yes...we have a few other things up our sleeve. If we told you...well...you know how the saying goes...

At Fat Patty's kitchen...we don't have display cases full of delicious looking cookies either. In fact, we don't even have display cases! That's because we don't need them. Every cookie is baked to order. No exceptions. You call, we bake. That's how we roll here at Fat Patty's.






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